About Toly

For over two decades now, the TOLY® and CLEAN SEAT® brand of Clean Seat Holland has been synonymous for toilet seat hygiene.

Whilst the TOLY® brand has enabled retailers both nationally and internationally to achieve considerable success, the CLEAN SEAT® brand has set a new standard for hygiene in public washrooms. On the retail arena, the TOLY range of hygiene products has in our experience, found indeed a high level of awareness and positive acknowledgement by consumers worldwide.

The TOLY consumer range of products provides all those who are 'on the go' with a clean and safe experience combined with maximum hygiene and a peace of mind when visiting public wash rooms.
The introduction of the TOLY Kids range, which is specifically designed to help introduce hygiene to children in a fun way, has found an equally enthusiastic response by retailers and consumers alike.

End of 2009, Clean Seat Holland was taken over by Vendor BV, one of the leading Dutch B2B players in the Washroom Hygiene Industry. With its Headquarters in Tilburg (NL) and offices in Germany, France and Belgium, Vendor engages in continued sound growth and expansion into worldwide markets.

Under the umbrella of Vendor, Clean Seat Holland is now in a strong position to continue evolving and be more innovative with the introduction of new and unique products and concepts suitable for the retail market.

Our mission at Clean Seat Holland is to actively develop new concepts and products that will combine a high level of quality, value and benefit for the consumers.

Vendor BV is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified.