Travel Hygiene solutions

Are you often on the go or travelling by car with your family? TOLY provides a number of solutions to ensure you and your family will have a safe and clean experience.

Toly-10 travel pack soft to the skin disposable dry wash gloves

10 dry soft to the skin disposable wash gloves in a travel pack

Toly Fresh - luxury disposable wet wash gloves

12 Luxury wet wash gloves in a re-sealable pack. Offers a refreshing experience.

Toly Sick bag + 1 wet wash glove

This sick bag containing a specially formulated inlay will absorb any liquid up to approx. 0.5l and neutralize any unpleasant odours. The luxury wet wash glove provides refreshment.

Toly-10 travel pack self adhesive litter bags

10 self adhesive litter bags to a pack. Sticks conveniently on all surfaces.

Toly-10 Travel set

1 pack of Toly 25 toilet seat covers, 1 pack of Toly 10 disposable dry wash gloves, 1 pack of Toly 10 self adhesive litter bags in travel set.