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Our hygiene products offers a solution for everyone, some of which are specifically designed to introduce Hygiene to young children.

Individual Hygiene Solutions

Being on the move, means also having to use the bathroom in different places. Our Individual Hygiene Solutions offers you a clean seat wherever you go.

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Travel Hygiene solutions

Are you often on the go or travelling by car with your family? TOLY provides a number of solutions to ensure you and your family will have a safe and clean experience. View products

Kids Hygiene solutions

Hygiene is especially important with young children. TOLY offers a variety of solutions to help your children keep safe and clean wherever they are.

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Merchandise solutions

Our in-store merchandising solutions are an ideal way to display the full range of TOLY products to your customers. It take little space and offers big opportunities with a frequent turnaround. View products
The main advantages of Clean Seat paper seat covers are:
  • Covers the complete toilet seat; more hygienic and effective than putting toilet paper on the toilet seat!
  • Our toilet seat covers are biodegradable and flush away automatically because of the flap that hangs in the toilet bowl.
  • The paper flap ensures no direct contact with the inside rim of the toilet bowl
  • Our paper dissolves 4 times quicker than ordinary toilet paper
  • Made from natural and recycled paper; environment friendly